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Democrat Fraud: Immigrants are pouring into the U.S. to vote in upcoming election

Though Democrats are the first to downplay and ridicule any notion that widespread voter fraud (favoring them, of course) takes place, the fact is, it happens a lot. And it’s only going to get worse, thanks to the immigration and refugee resettlement policies of President Obama (and Hillary Clinton, should she defeat GOP nominee Donald Trump in a few weeks).

U.S. Border Patrol agents know it is happening, even if the grotesque establishment media refuses to acknowledge it because it colludes with the Democratic Party.

“I’ve spoken to several agents in my sector that are in charge of processing a lot of these individuals that we’ve apprehended [and] a lot of them do have criminal records,” Art Del Cueto, national vice president and chapter president of Tucson, Arizona National Border Patrol Council told Trump during a recent round table with council members at Trump Tower, CBS News reported.

Del Cueto added that Border Patrol agents are “checking records” and “noticing that they have criminal records,” but they are being set aside.

“They’re setting them aside because at this point they’re saying immigration is so tied up with trying to get the people that are on the waiting list, hurry up and get their immigration status corrected, make them citizens,” he added. When Trump asked why, De Cueto replied: “So they can go ahead and vote before the election.”

Writing in The Daily Wire, John Nolte said efforts like that to fix elections in favor of Democrats is nothing less than “a slow motion coup d’e tat against American voters.”

Because Democrats and the establishment media “do not like Americans,” he wrote, they are being supplanted by millions and millions of compliant foreigners, all with the goal of eventually empowering them not with American values but with voting power. And while many cannot be registered just year, that “is being remedied through massive voter fraud.”

As noted in demographic trends that began late in the last century, the percentage of white Americans is slowly falling as the percentages for minorities and foreign-born residents of the country rise. And since minorities vote in overwhelming numbers for Democrats, Nolte says, the incentive for the party “to flood America with those who represent their voting base is so obvious there is no need to belabor the point.”

Also, policies pursued by Democrats make it obvious they are attempting to steal elections via fraud:

— Leftists have used federal policies, the court system and the ever-compliant media to dumb down voter registration so much that in most polling places, no real ID is needed to cast a ballot. Anyone who has opposed efforts to shore up voter ID laws is branded a racist by the media.

— They have dramatically expanded voting periods, from Election Day to, in some cases, election month.

— The Obama regime has used the IRS to intimidate anyone trying to weed out voter registration rolls.

Finally, there are several actual instances of voter fraud, proving it isn’t just a myth.


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